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Memories for Animus Body Switching Event

Mythological Era

Killing Culann's hellhound: He was a kid and visiting Emain Macha, his uncle King Conchobar's castle, for the first time. He played hurley against the entire Boy-corps of Ulster and won. When they tried to beat him up in revenge, he kicked all of their asses. Afterwards, they swore submission to him and they continued playing. Eventually, as it was growing late, Conchobar was going to a feast in the smith Culann's house. He asked Cu Chulainn, then known as Setanta, to come with him. The boy refused because he wanted to continue playing. After waiting for Setanta at Culann's house for a good while, Cochobar decided the boy wasn't coming and told Culann that all the guests had already arrived. Since it was already evening, Culann released the monstrous hound he owned to guard his door. At the same time, Setanta had set off to Culann's house. Once he arrived there, the dog sprang upon him, intending to kill him. Setanta was armed with only a hurley stick and ball, but he hit the ball so hard that it went down the hound's throat and came out of its back, killing the dog. The guests inside heard the clamor and came out to see Setanta standing over the hound's corpse. Everyone praised the boy's strength, but Culann alone mourned the loss of his hound and therefore his livelyhood as he would no longer have a dog to guard his flock. Seeing this, Setanta volunteered to find a pup of the same pack and raise it to match the dead dog. In the time it took to train the dog, Setanta himself would act as Culann's hound. This became the origin of his name Cu Chulainn, the hound of Culann. He was also given a geis, or vow, that he would never eat dog's meat, since it was now the meat of his bretheren.

Smashing Conchobar's entire weaponry: When Cu Chulainn was entering puberty, Cathbad, the druid, came to Emain Macha and stated on a certain day that it would be a good day for arming a warrior. Though he would live a short life, it would be a glorious one. Cu Chulainn demanded to be armed, but the King refused, thinking him too young. In anger, he smashed every spear and chariot in Emain Macha and asked the King if a boy who could already do this was still too young. Conchobar armed his nephew with the King's own weapons. Soon after, three warriors who had slain multitudes of Ulster champions attacked Emain Macha. Cu Chulainn rode out to face them in battle and slew them all, going into his riastrad or warp spasm in the process. He was calmed down by his aunt Mughain, who, along with her handmaidens, stripped naked and then grabbed him and threw him into three successive vats of cold water as he froze still and stared.

Courting Emer and training with Scathach: At sixteen years old, Cu Chulainn met and courted his future wife Emer. However, her father Fergal disapproved and told Cu Chulainn that should the boy wish to marry Emer, he had to train with the warrior woman Scathach. At the time, simply reaching her realm was deemed an impossible task. However, Cu Chulainn was able to seek her out and train with her. In her Country of Shadows, he met his best friend Ferdiad and received his cursed spear, Gae Bolg. Scathach was a woman who had killed too many people and gained too much knowledge, to the point that she was becoming a concept and could not even die properly. She originally intended for Cu Chulainn to kill her with his Gae Bolg, but Cu Chulainn hesitated, unable to kill someone he was close to. He left her in her country and returned home to elope with Emer.

Cattle Raid of Cooley: Queen Maeve of Connacht wished to procure a magical bull from Ulster, but when refused, she invaded to seize the bull. At the time, Ulster was under a curse that rendered all of its grown men too weak to move in the case of invasion. However, because of his youth and the fact that he was born in a fairy hill and not Ulster proper, Cu Chulainn was exempt. He fought for seven years against the invaders. To gain conditions favourable to Ulster, he had to take up many inconvenient geis laid upon him by the enemy. During the battle, the Morrigan tried to seduce him, but he refused her. She came three times to try to get revenge on him, but he defeated her each time. Afterwards, she tricked him into healing her. From that moment on, she respected him, but never helped him except by giving him a warning of his impending death. Eventually, he witnessed his friends from the Boy Corps slaughtered when they came to his aid. He was also forced to kill his best friend Ferdiad after they were set up to fight each other. The battle finally ended with an Ulster victory, during which Cu Chulainn protected Maeve because he disliked having to kill a woman, especially one who was a King.

Fight against the sea: During his time in the Country of Shadows, Cu Chulainn had fought and defeated Scathach's rival and sister, Aoife. Aoife fell in love with him and they had a son together. When he left, he told her to send the child to Ulster with a ring as proof when the child came of age. He also left the child with a geis that said he or she could never turn back during the journey. After he married Emer, a jealous Aoife trained her son, Connla, in all forms of martial arts. She laid two more geis on him--to never speak of his name unless defeated, and to never refuse a challenge. When Connla came to Ulster, he defeated all of the champions sent against him, and eventually Cu Chulainn himself fought with the boy. In the end, Cu Chulainn, overwhelmed with the frenzy of battle, gave Connla a fatal wound. It was only then that Connla told Cu Chulainn his name. Realizing he had killed his son, Cu Chulainn was so overwhelmed with rage that Cathbad had to charm him to mistake the sea for the men of Ulster, or else he would have slain everyone in Emain Macha.

Death: Maeve was dissatisfied with the shame she had suffered during the Cattle Raid, so she gathered Cu Chulainn's enemies together to take her revenge. As he headed toward the final battle, he was tricked by his enemies to break each and every one of his geis, starting with the one against eating the meat of the dog. (An old woman offered it to him, and he had another geis against refusing food from a woman) He was spiritually weakened during the last battle, and eventually was fatally wounded by his own spear cast back at him. Unwilling to die so easily, he tied himself to a rock and died standing up. Only when a crow landed on his shoulder did his enemies know he was truly dead.

Fifth Heaven's Feel

Summoning: He was summoned by Misaya Reiroukan, who wanted a hero who had been killed by a woman so he would know about a woman's power. She sealed away his Gae Bolg since she considered it too quick and not elegant enough. She also made him work with her dog familiars because he disliked being treated as a dog. At first, he did not know about the curse she carried, but she later told him. From then on, he became very protective of her and worked as hard as he could to find a way to undo her curse.

"Killing" Ayaka: He was sent by Misaya to kill a potential Master named Sajyou Ayaka, who was also Misaya's classmate. Though he disliked being used for assassinations, he still obeyed the order. He hunted her down, accompanied by Misaya's dogs. She tried to defend herself by shooting feathers at him with Witchcraft, a thaumaturgical theory he recognized because of its similarity to druid magics. He finally cornered her in the greenhouse and stabbed her, but the holy relic and Noble Phantasm Avalon implanted within her saved her from death and summoned the last Servant, Saber. Saber easily destroyed Lancer's wooden spear that he used since Gae Bolg was sealed away. Knowing he was most likely no match for Saber, Lancer had to escape.

Dog walking with Misaya: Shortly after Saber's summoning, Misaya took her dogs out for a walk and encountered Ayaka. Lancer followed his Master and warned her about fraternizing with an enemy. After the two Masters parted ways, Misaya told Lancer that he was to kill her if her curse activated should she fail in achieving the Grail. Lancer tried to reassure her that he would definitely get the Grail so she would not need to die.

Allying with Saber: Misaya wanted to acquire Saber as a second Servant. Lancer was sent to Ayaka's house with the objective of praising Misaya so much that Saber would be tempted to come over to Misaya's side. However, he was at a loss on how to praise his abrasive Master. He first tried to give up upon hearing Saber liked having Ayaka for a Master, but was hit by Misaya with a rock. Afterwards, he claimed her name was cool because it sounded like the scene of a mystery novel, that she in fact did not eat babies, and that like Nattou, even her bad traits could grow on someone. It ended with Misya dragging him home, thoroughly embarrassed.

Encountering Saber and Ayaka: Lancer later clashed several more times with Saber and his Master. On one occassion, he snuck into their house when Saber and Ayaka had adopted many animals. Saber, stressed out and near his breaking point, declared himself to be "Trimmer" and told Lancer he would shave the other Servant bald. Lancer believed Saber to be drunk until he saw that the other Servant was in fact speaking to the dog familiars who had come alongside Lancer. Lancer, not knowing what to make of it, came home and told Misaya about it. Afterwards, the two visited Ayaka and had tea with the other Masters and Servants.

Summer Festival: Lancer, going to the festival to puck up souvenirs for Misaya, met a young girl who asked him, Sancraid, and an unknown boy who was actually the Servant Rider to play with her. Unknown to the three, the girl was actually Manaka Sajyou, sister of Ayaka Sajyou and the one who had cursed both Misaya and Rider's Master. Lancer won a stuffed animal for her at the festival. When the four of them sat together and relaxed, Lancer showed them a self-portrait of Misaya and revealed that his Master was dying. Rider offered him some advice, thinking back on his own dead Master. Soon after, the festival fireworks came and Manaka tried to get a closer look at them. She tripped and fell off a cliff, but Rider and Lancer, with a little help from Manaka's Servant Beast, rescued her. Lancer returned after getting Misaya a temari.

Misaya's death: As the Grail War dragged on, Misaya's curse spread and finally killed her. Despite the order to kill her, Lancer remained by her side, trying to save her. However, it was to no avail. To add to his regrets, Misaya's unused command seals turned her into a zombie after death.

Contract with Ayaka: Needing to deliver Misaya from her zombie state, Lancer made a contract with Ayaka, whose own Servant, Saber, had been stolen by the corrupt priest Sancraid Phahn. The two of them would kill Misaya and take back Saber

Killing Zombie Misaya: Eventually, powered by his contract to Ayaka, Lancer was able to kill the zombie Misaya. This is the canon point that he is from in-game.

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