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Saber Alter/Arturia Pendragon scorchedchivalry
( Fate/Stay Night )
Lancer never really liked the Saber of his world. Man was a stiffly polite prick of a knight. Of course, this just means he was weirded out at first when he saw that Saber had somehow gotten a sex change. But then they bonded by beating each other up (well, more like Saber beating Lancer up) and then she held his hand while he blubbered like a baby. Now, Lancer considers Saber quite alright and actually listens to what she says. Unfortunately, she left, leaving him feeling quite lonely.

Catarina Amanto divinitysoiled
( Original Character )
You know that moment when two people just click? Yeah, that's pretty much Lancer and this sexy succubus. Catarina was Lancer's friend with benefits. Was, because she refused to help him punch Jason. Now they's just awkward with each other. Scratch that, they fucked and made up. And now she's left. FUUUUU--

Ayaka Sajyou prototyper
( Fate/Prototype )
Lancer's second Master, and the Master currently in the Tower. Though he's not quite sure on whether or not he wants to hand her his Command Seals as long as the Tower can supply him with prana, he still tries to fulfill his Servant duties toward her. She's also very moe moe so he likes her quite a bit as a person. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that both of them are constantly thinking of their former partners.

Ayaka Sajyou featherdarting
( Fate/Prototype )
The second version of Ayaka, coming in after the first one left. She didn't last long either, unfortunately.

Rin Matou angramaintsu
( Fate/Stay Night AU )
A strange girl who smells of the Grail's corruption. Her mix of tsundere and yandere traits reminds Lancer of Misaya in more ways than one. Their first interaction involved Lancer trying to put the wrong lance in her at the wrong time. Later, he understood that it was the wrong way to flirt with a girl and is now trying to be nicer to her. Especially since her Servant is gone now. Sadly, she's gone now too...

Kariya Matou vermicompost
( Fate/Zero )
A Master from the 4th Grail War. Rin's uncle. Looks like shit, but is a rather nice and sensible person. Recently, Lancer's been helping him plot murder and deal with his worms. Also, they spent Christmas together. How romantic.

Ruler/Jeanne D'Arc faithstaynight
( Fate/ Apocrypha )
Lancer and Ruler got along well enough when they first met, but then came the clusterfuckery known as the bodyswap event. TLDR Lancer did some things in Ruler's body that she greatly took offense at. Now he's guilty about the whole thing and just wishes she'd punch him for it. Sad to say it'll probably never happen because she's a Saint by all definitions of the word.

Lancer/Diarmuid Ua Duibhne oathshackledbird
( Fate/ Zero )
LANCEBRO. Lancer's roommate and fellow Lancer-class Servant. He respects the guy for being a courteous, honorable knight who's also pretty friendly and pities him greatly for his tragic life. Currently, they're more or less officially bros. And they even shared an EXTREMELY PLATONIC kiss.

Yuuto Kidou pengeen
( Inazuma Eleven )
An accurate summary of their relationship. Well, more like kissed the groom and hit on the bride. Anyway, Lancer thinks Kidou is an okay kid. He also thinks that he's pretty lucky to have a girl like Urotsuki.

Urotsuki chainsawn
( Yume 2kki )
Kidou's cute and tough girlfriend. Lancer is looking forward to seeing her chainsaw in action!

Zelda sageprincess
( Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time )

Sayaka Miki beknightedheroine
( Puella Magi Madoka Magica )
A nice and cute girl who seems to have some sort of connection with magi and heroes.

Hidetoshi Odagiri altitonant-emperor
( Persona 3 )
A serious and responsible kid who likes rules. He and Lancer get along for some odd reason. Lancer is the absolute worst influence, though.

Kyouko Sakura prayed
( Puella Magi Madoka Magica )
WHO IS THIS BRAT? Oh wait, she's just a magical girl. Moving on.

Shinji Matou looselips
( Fate/Extra )
NOW WHO IS THIS BRAT? Oh, he's some sort of computer wizard thing. And Kariya's nephew. And Archer's new Master

Lucifer firstofthefallen
( Shin Megami Tensei )
This guy is really strong! And he like to ask weird questions over the network.

Ryoji Mochizuki/Nyx Avatar notsogrimreaper
( Persona 3 )
OH GREAT JUST WHAT HE NEEDS ANOTHER BITCHY DEATH GODDESS BREATHING DOWN HIS NECK. Oops, scratch that. Turns out the "goddess" is an innocent teenage boy 99.999999% of the time.

Caster/Tamamo no Mae koncubine
( Fate/Extra )
A cute fox girl Servant from a Grail War IN SPACE! She's cute and energetic and friendly. Lancer likes her as a friend of sorts.

Asako Minegishi sawthelockdown
( Devil Survivor AU )
A sweet girl who Lancer met during the bodyswap event. She was crying over big bro being mean so Lancer gave the two of them family therapy.

Naoya crouching-sin
( Devil Survivor )
Asako's big brother. Lancer only knows him as a pretty redhead woman.

Waver Velvet nonacquiescent
( Fate/Zero )
A nice magus kid. Seems to be pretty bright. Lancer wants to help him with his little serial killer problem. Recently revealed himself to be an INFODUMPING IDIOT.

Illyasviel Von Einzbern eighteen-winters
( Fate/Stay Night )
The girl fated to become the Holy Grail. A sweet child with a fate that seems too cruel. Another reason that Lancer is glad there's no Grail here.

Rider/Alexander the Great macedonian
( Fate/Zero )
A Rider from another Grail War. Thought they haven't talked much, Lancer likes his style.

Tetra stop-calling-me-zelda
( Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker )
Hey, let's prank the Great King of Evil together! Nothing will go wrong, right?

Tohko Amano tohko-amano
( Bungaku Shojo )
A sweet-natured "book girl." However, she often seems to have lapses in judgement. At least she's pretty forgiving of Lancer's faults.

Enoch warriorscribe
( El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron AU )
Another one of those guys too nice for his own good. Pretty handy for info about the Tower

Theodore yourhandplease
( Persona 3 AU )
Some new arrival who seems to know a version of Lancer. Lancer thinks he's pretty alright, but needs to get some more information on the Celtic pantheon.

Berserker/Sir Lancelot du Lac chevalier-mal-fet
( Fate/Zero )
Kariya's old Servant. A pretty awesome knight.

Rider/Francis Drake hellburner
( Fate/Extra )
Computer kid's Servant. Until she left. Too bad. She was hot.

Archer swordedpast
( Fate/Stay Night )
Rin's Servant. He says awfully nihilistic stuff.

Bob canofworms
( Fate/Zero AU )
Hi there, Kariya #2.

Sephiroth pinnaculum
( Final Fantasy VII AU )
A nice kid well on his way of becoming a hero.

Reno midgarhorizon
( Final Fantasy VII )
This guy got married.

Ryoji Mochizuki plumesofdusk
( Persona 3 AU )

Vriska Serket themsthe8r8ks
( Homestuck )
Well she seems to be a neat girl.

Sertoria Cani immortalia
( Original )
A sweet and wise android. Lancer respects her like a big sister.

Miles Edgeworth frilliance
( Ace Attorney )
Lancer's roommate. While the two don't talk much, Lancer think he's okay--just a big stiff.

Waver Velvet (AU) fionnuisce
( Fate/ )
Diarmuid's new Master. While he's something of a stubborn ass and has a huge stick rammed up his ass, he's not too bad. Lancer trusts him to keep Diarmuid safe. Also he's hilarious when he's flustered

Archer/Gilgamesh bowandblade
( Fate/Prototype )
Lancer's old "friend." Though he might not openly admit it, he's glad to have a familiar face in the Tower. He and Archer are like two big babies who keep on playing with each other even though they always make each other cry.

Saber holyswordwielder
( Fate/Prototype )
The Saber from Lancer's world. While he never liked the guy much, Lancer tries to tolerate him for Ayaka's sake.

Cecil Harvey (AU) proteusmoon
( Final Fantasy IV AU )
A beautiful lady knight that Lancer became fond of. What's more, Diarmuid fell in love with her, so Lancer has been rooting for them to get together. Unfortunately, Cecil left the Tower before anything could come out of it.

Shirou? heroicprinciple
( Fate/Hollow Ataraxia )
Saber Lily's Master. He seems to be a nice kid.

Avenger destructiveprinciple
( Fate/Hollow Ataraxia )
AND THEN THERE'S THIS ASSHOLE. Avenger is this weird Servant who stinks of the Grail and is a jerk to boot!

Link (AU) ocariness
( Legend of Zelda )
A nice girl who serves as Zelda's knight. Lancer likes the fact that she's another music lover. Someday they'll play instruments together.

Rick bashfulshifter
( Original )
A shapeshifting man who got assigned to the same group as Lancer during the infiltration event. While Lancer doesn't know him very well, he's impressed with Rick's powers.

Karna vasavishakti
( Fate/ )
The third Lancer to show up. He happens to have been Waver's Servant in another time.

Asagi irreverence
( Witchblade )
Well she seems to be a neat girl.

Mayu axefoasong
( Vocaloid )
Well she seems to be a neat girl.

Dr. Edward Richtofen doctor-dismemberment
( Command and Conquer: Zombies )

Kirei Kotomine god-damned
( Fate/Zero )
Ruby City

Minako Arisato evokedpotential
( Persona 3 )
A nice girl Lancer met soon after arriving in the city. She invited him to live in her house along with all of the other people. She seems to be a Master, while one of the other housemates, Theodore, seems to be a Servant. But Lancer likes both of them, so he doesn't want the Grail to show up in the city. Sadly she left.

Theodore yourhandplease
( Persona 3 )
Lancer's housemate and Minako's boyfriend. He's not human, so Lancer thinks he might be Minako's Servant as well. A pretty okay guy. He left, but at least he won't remain alone in this city.

Kirei Kotomine seeyousuffer
( Fate/Zero )
A priest and Master from the 4th Holy Grail War that Lancer met when he first arrived at the city. Super-serious and boring, but helpful and not a bad person. It's not like Lancer dislikes him, but he could stand to cheer up some more. Recently, he's been coaxing Kirei to help him teach Minako stuff. And now he's babysitting.

Claudia Hortensia Kotomine unhealing
( Fate/ )
Kirei Kotomine's beautiful but frail wife. She's a very nice person, so Lancer can't see why Kirei won't treat her better or at least take a moment to enjoy his good fortune.

Caren Hortensia promoteshell
( Fate/Hollow Ataraxia )
Kirei and Claudia's daughter. For some reason, she keeps on insisting that she's his Master. Quite a cute girl. Lancer likes to hit on her even if she's more frustrating to deal with than her father is. Wait until he finds out she's only 14.

England rule-britannia
( Hetalia )
Saber before becoming a Servant, or at least that's how it seems to Lancer. He doesn't like Saber, given that Saber is a stiff, overly polite prick of a knight. And as a living person, Saber seems no less super-polite. At least he has a cool hobby this time around.

Feferi Peixes abdicating
( Homestuck )
A troll girl. She seems nice and has cool horns. Recently, he tried to make suggestions to her about making silly hats.

Sirius Black blackmarauder
( Harry Potter )
DOGGY. Who's a cute widdle doggy?
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